as spare parts for a wide range of instruments

In medical technology, wing nuts are always used at instruments when screwed connections must often be unscrewed and fastened manually.

The two opposed wings at the actual nut make it possible that the nut may be unscrewed and tightened uncomplicatedly without any tool. This makes it easier for the practicing surgeon, as no additional tools are required or need to be held available in the operating room.

However, as it happens time and again during the preparation process that such wing nuts of instruments get lost, you can find a large selection of wing nuts with us as spare parts for a wide variety of instruments.

Of course, they are all manufactured from stainless steel according to the regulations for medical technology.

Article number: 5/8G
Product description
Wing Nut M3,5
17,4  x 19 x Ø8,5 x 12,3 mm
Material 1.4021

Article number: 5/8H
Product description
Wing Nut M5
21 x 30 x Ø12 x 12 mm
Material 1.4021

Article number: 5/8I
Product description
Wing Nut M6x1
20,5 x 29,5 x Ø12,4 x 11 mm
Material 1.4021

Article number: 5/8JA
Product description
Wing Nut M4
12,1 x 38 x Ø9,5 x 6,4 mm
Material 1.4021

Article number: 5/8JB
Product description
Wing Nut 4×1/11”  double thread
15,5 x 38 x Ø9,6 x 9,1 mm
Material 1.4021

Article number: 5/8JC
Product description
Wing Nut 10-24 UNC
14,36 x 37 x Ø10 x 8 mm
Material 1.4021

Explanation of dimensions:
Thread type Nominal diameter x thread pitch

h x e x d x m

h – height
e – width
d – diameter
m – thread height