Repair Parts and Replacement Parts are our mainstay and make up the largest part of our stock, allowing us to respond quickly to our customers’ need for diverse high-quality replacement parts at a budget price. It is often less expensive to repair an instrument than to buy a new one, and we make saving money easy for our customers.

Another way to lengthen an instrument’s life cycle is by painstaking care and maintenance. We are always happy to lend a helping hand in this regard, either by supplying useful accessories for instrument care or through our professional reconditioning services.

  • Repair for Standard Instruments, all kinds of manufacturers
  • Repair of Endoscopy Instruments
  • Repairexchange with Refurbished Instruments
  • Repairexchange with New Instruments

Special Finishing:

  • Gold plating
  • plastic coating (for example Bipolar Forceps)
  • TiAlCN coating
  • and so on

Send us your repair quickly and easily. How it works? Click here: Instructions for the DANmed REPAIR SERVICE