Complex products pose for the manufacturer the challenge to do high-quality and accurate work in detail – every nut, bolt and screw.

Just one single imperfect part can destroy the whole conceptual design.

We at DANmed have the know-how to meet this challenge with excellent solutions. We are specialized in first-class spare parts and repair parts of premium materials. All of that for a surprising good price!

High quality is our ultimate ambition. Why?

Because it ensures our staff’s work places, our customer’s satisfaction and the patien’s health.


EN ISO 13485


More than four decades of experience and passion for repair parts used to repair medical products.

DANmed can look back on great achievements, while keeping up to date with current trends and being well placed for the future thanks to innovation and evaluation.

Our employees enjoy the support of a wide network of reliable suppliers in manufacturing repair parts.

Endoscopy is one of our specialist areas – from the smallest to complex repair – biopsy forceps, rigid and flexible endoscopes, standard instruments – we meet our customer’s requirements in all situations.