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To all manufacturers and repairers of surgical instruments:

DANmed is expanding its stock and offers you now large and small purchase quantities (from 10 pcs.) of tungsten carbide plates for needle holders and tweezers. The  “Super Grip-it” Design ensures a perfect, flawless and impeccable gripping.

The used “Creep Feed technology” enables to grind individual teeth into the hard, wear resistant carbide. This produces precise, super sharp teeth with a well-defined point and surfaces with excellent gripping properties.

Wide Choice
There is a wide choice of both profiled and rectangular shaped inserts in various thicknesses and tooth pitches. lt is even possible to have the plain insert without teeth.

with radius, non-stick coating

rectangular grip, non-stick coating

Here you find a few examples of our Tungstein Carbide Inserts:

rectangular grip, non-stick coating
Item-No# Description
04006060605R TC Insert 8x2x0,6 – 2.500 tpsi
04010041604R TC Insert 10x4x1,6 – 4.200 tpsi
04012020603R TC Insert 12x2x0,6 – 7.000 tpsi
04012350303R TC Insert 12×3,5×0,3 – 7.000 tpsi
04012350403R TC Insert 12×3,5×0,4 – 7.000 tpsi
with radius, non-stick coating
Item-No# Description
040110550302 TC Insert 11×5,5×0,3 – 10.000 tpsi
04013040404 TC Insert 13x4x0,4 – 4.200 tpsi
04013040502 TC Insert 13x4x0,5 – 10.000 tpsi
04013040603 TC Insert 13x4x0,6 – 7.000 tpsi
04013040604 TC Insert 13x4x0,6 – 4.200 tpsi
04013040605 TC Insert 13x4x0,6 – 2.600 tpsi

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