Different types of leaf SPRINGS in stock


In medical technology, a lot of different types of springs are applied, among others roller springs, hinged springs, or ball springs. They are used in a large variety of instruments, such as needle holders, rongeurs, bone-cutting forceps and many more.

For the use of springs in medical technology, the strict handling and hygiene regulations in this line of business are crucial besides an ideal form and function.

Above all, material and surface properties of the springs are of high importance in addition to functional properties. Sterility of the springs, for instance, is essential, as they must bear up under intensive cleaning processes over a longer period of time. For this purpose, they must have a clean surface and be very resistant to the most widespread types of corrosion, such as surface corrosion, pitting corrosion, contact corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

A variety of manufacturing technologies and surface treatments in our company ensure the necessary protection of the spring. They provide a clean surface and longevity of the spring. Thus, you can be sure that you get the right springs from us as spare parts to repair your instruments.

In the following, you will get a small insight into the large variety of springs we have ready for you in our product range:


5/4A Roller spring, 7.70cm
5/4B Roller spring, 8.30cm
5/4C Roller spring, 9.24cm
5/4D Roller spring, 10.40cm
5/4E Roller spring, 11.50cm
5/4F Roller spring, 12cm
5/5A Roller spring, 8.40cm
5/5B Roller spring, 8.90cm
5/5C Roller spring, 9.50cm
5/5D Roller spring, 11.16cm
5/5E Roller spring, 11.86 cm
5/5F Roller spring, 12.36 cm
5/5G Roller spring, 13.28 cm
5/5H Roller spring w. pin, 12.65 cm


5/7BB Hinged Spring
5/7BD Hinged Spring
5/7E Hinged Spring
5/7EB Hinged Spring
5/7EC Hinged Spring
5/7ED Hinged Spring
5/7D Hinged Spring
5/7DA Hinged Spring


5/7QA Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7QB Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7R Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7RA Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7S Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7SA Ball & Cap Spring pair, black
5/7T Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7U Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7V Ball & Cap Spring pair
5/7W Ball & Cap Spring pair