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As a manufacturer of Repair Parts for surgical instruments, DANmed is the right partner for you. In addition to rod lenses for different manufacturers, we also offer high-quality spacers and adapters for the repair of your instruments.

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SPACER – different sizes
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Article number Spacer, Size:
SP-0116-1017 OD Ø2.76 x 10.17 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0837 OD Ø2.76 x 8.37 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0966 OD Ø2.76 x 9.66 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1021 OD Ø2.76 x 10.21 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1272 OD Ø2.76 x 12.72 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1080 OD Ø2.76 x 10.80 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0438 OD Ø2.76 x 4.38 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1086 OD Ø2.76 x 10.86 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0890 OD Ø2.76 x 8.90 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0995 OD Ø2.76 x 9.95 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0206-1570 OD Ø5.98 x 15.70 x ID Ø5.50
SP-0116-0345 OD Ø2.76 x 3.45 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0495 OD Ø2.76 x 4.95 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1000 OD Ø2.76 x 10.00 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0311 OD Ø2.76 x 3.11 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0115-0600 OD Ø2.70 x 6.00 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0206-1192 OD Ø5.98 x 11.92 x ID Ø5.50
SP-0206-0437 OD Ø5.98 x 4.37 x ID Ø5.50
SP-0206-0380 OD Ø5.98 x 3.80 x ID Ø5.50
SP-0116-0659 OD Ø2.76 x 6.59 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-0750 OD Ø2.76 x 7.50 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0589-0090 OD Ø3.48 x 0,90 x ID Ø3.12
SP-0589-0300 OD Ø3.48 x 3.00 x ID Ø3.12
SP-0661-2530 OD Ø6.60 x 25.30 x ID Ø5.70
SP-0116-0401 OD Ø2.76 x 4.01 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0115-1100 OD Ø2.70 x 11.00 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0116-1030 OD Ø2.76 x 10.30 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0115-0100 OD Ø2.70 x 1.00 x ID Ø2.40
SP-0589-0050 OD Ø3.48 x 0.50 x ID Ø3.12
SP-0661-1800 OD Ø6.60 x 18.00 x ID Ø5.70
SP-0116-0238 OD Ø2.76 x 2.38 x ID Ø2.40

Other sizes on request / Minimum order quantity per item number: 25 pcs.

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ADAPTER for different manufacturers:

Article number: NP3/0A

Product description:
Light post adapter usable f. WO

Article number: NP3/0B

Product description:
Light post adapter Ø9mm usable f . WO

Article number: NP3/0C

Product description:
Light post adapter usable f. ST, OLY
stainless steel

Article number: NP3/0CA

Product description:
Light post adapter usable f. ACMI to ST
stainless steel

Article number: NP3/0CB

Product description:
Light post adapter
usable f. Stryker stainless steel

Article number: NP3/0E

Product description:
Fix light post