SCREWS usable for
the SynFrame RETRACTOR SYSTEM from DePuySynthes

Item No. Size
6/7BGA Screw M7x0,75 x Ø 8.6×10.7 L
6/7BGB Screw M7x0,75 x Ø 8.6 x 10.7 L / M4

Different SCREWS for the repair of surgical instruments

Fitting SCREWS for the repair of scissors and rongeurs:

Screws for SCISSORS

Item No. Size
6/7A M1.7 x Ø2.5 – 6.1mm lang
6/7B M2.0 x Ø3.0 – 6.0mm lang
6/7C M2.3 x Ø3.5 – 6.8mm lang
6/7D M2.6 x Ø4.0 – 7.7mm lang
6/7E M3.0 x Ø4.5 – 8.5mm lang
6/7F M3.0 x Ø5.0 – 9.3mm lang
6/7G M3.5 x Ø5.5 – 9.5mm lang
6/7H M4.0 x Ø6.0 – 9.8mm lang
6/7I M5.0 x Ø8.0 – 12mm lang


Item No. Size
6/7J M3.0 x Ø4.5 – 8.5mm lang
6/7K M3.0 x Ø5.0 – 8.7mm lang
6/7L M3.5 x Ø5.5 – 12.7mm lang
6/7M M4.0 x Ø6.0 – 10.5mm lang
6/7N M4.0 x Ø6.0 – 8.7mm lang
6/7O M5.0 x Ø8.0 – 9.0mm lang
6/7P M5.0 x Ø8.0 – 13.0mm lang
6/7Q M6.0 x Ø10 – 14.0mm lang
6/7R M6.0 x Ø10 – 14.0mm lang

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