Price adjustment
as of 1st of October 2021

Dear Customers, 

Due to our large warehouse, strict measures and constant improvement of internal processes, we have been able to keep prices for our Customers largely stable so far.  

As you could surely gather from the news, production costs (energy, wages, packaging, pandemic costs) as well as prices for raw materials have increased in the recent months.  

However, as we do not want to sacrifice on quality or service for our Customers, it is unfortunately unavoidable for us as DANmed and GQI to adjust our prices by 6.9% from 1st of October 2021.  

Orders until 30th of September 2021 will of course still be supplied according to the old prices. 

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to continue our good cooperation with you.  

With kind regards

Julian Dannoritzer    &      Stefan Rauch

(Operation Director)       (Commercial Director)