Repair parts
for the OLYMPUS HIQ+ series

Every day we work on developing new repair parts for surgical instruments.
This week we would like to present you new spare parts fitting to the repair of the Olympus HiQ+ handle incl. shaft. (Reference A60100A , A60800A).

Repair parts fitting to Olympus HiQ tube shafts:

NP7-1C1 – Release button
NP7-1C2 – Sealing ring
NP7-1C3 – Bolt for Button
NP7-1C4 – Threaded rod for Button
1/0P – Shrink Tube, double-walled per meter, inner surface coated with glue
1/0P-330 – Shrink Tube, double-walled – 330 mm length
1/0P-450 – Shrink Tube, double-walled – 450 mm length

Repair parts fitting to Olympus HiQ+ Ergo handle:

NP7/40 – Caps for HF connection socket
NP7/41A – Blind pin black, Ø3.85mm x 7,5mm
NP7/41B – Finger ring, silicone

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