Macro Needle Holder Inserts
usable for STORZ

In a wide variety of surgical disciplines, sutures are almost exclusively applied using a needle holder.

The needle holder allows the surgeon to precisely grasp the needle, even when there is a need to apply sutures in deep, hard-to-reach surgical areas.

As the needle holder is used almost daily in practice, it is subjected to significant material stress. Therefore, it needs to be regularly maintained and, if necessary, repaired to ensure proper functioning.

Here, our spare parts come into play. Please take a look at our products, which will facilitate your repairs.

Article number: NP3-3SA1

Product description
TC-Needle Holder Insert, curved left
Ø5mm, WL (x) =33cm, front unground

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Product description
Macro- Needle Holder Insert,
Ø5mm, WL (x) =33cm

NP3-3S1 – curved left
NP3-3S6 – curved right
NP3-3S7 – straight

Product description
Macro- Needle Holder Insert,
Ø5mm, WL (x) =44 cm

NP3-3S4 – curved left
NP3-3S5 – curved right
NP3-3S8 – straight

for surgical instruments

DANmed is offer you a wide range of carbide inserts for surgical instruments. The  “Super Grip-it” Design ensures a perfect, flawless and impeccable gripping.

The used “Creep Feed technology” enables to grind individual teeth into the hard, wear resistant carbide. This produces precise, super sharp teeth with a well-defined point and surfaces with excellent gripping properties.

Alle Hartmetalleinlagen sind in den folgenden Zahnteilungen erhältlich:

Wide Choice
There is a wide choice of both profiled and rectangular shaped inserts in various thicknesses and tooth pitches. lt is even possible to have the plain insert without teeth.

with radius, non-stick coating

rectangular grip, non-stick coating

Here you find a few examples of our Tungstein Carbide Inserts:

TC Inserts, rectangular grip,
non-stick coating
Article number Product description
04006060605R 8x2x0,6 – 2.500 tpsi
04010041604R 10x4x1,6 – 4.200 tpsi
04012020603R 12x2x0,6 – 7.000 tpsi
04012350303R 12×3,5×0,3 – 7.000 tpsi
04012350403R 12×3,5×0,4 – 7.000 tpsi
TC Inserts, with radius,
non-stick coating
Article number Product description
40110550302 11×5,5×0,3 – 10.000 tpsi
4013040404 13x4x0,4 – 4.200 tpsi
4013040502 13x4x0,5 – 10.000 tpsi
4013040603 13x4x0,6 – 7.000 tpsi
4013040604 13x4x0,6 – 4.200 tpsi
4013040605 13x4x0,6 – 2.600 tpsi

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