Instrument care – made easy!
DANmed – Hi Tech Oil

Application: Ideal for the care of surgical instruments.
The DANmed oil pen achieves perfect hinge lubrication and excellent corrosion protection. Due to the stainless steel tip, exact and pinpoint dosing is possible and no residues remain on the instrument surface.

Oil Pen Features:

  • dispensing tip for easy and precise handling
  • compatible with mineral oils
  • physiologically harmless, silicone-free, odorless and transparent
  • sterilizable – approved for steam and hot air sterilization
  • good pressure absorption capacity
  • compatible with almost all elastomers and plastics
  • store upright, with the stainless steel tip facing upwards and in a dark place

Item No.: 6/2QB

Item description:
DANmed Hi Tech Oil Pen
for instrument care, sterilizable
10 ml, temperature stable up to 260°C

Technical data:

  • Content: 10ml
  • Color: transparent
  • Temperature range: -40 to +120°C
  • Temperature stability: approx. 260°C
  • Auto-ignition temperature: 343°C
  • Viscosity index: 150
  • Viscosity class: 46

CARE SET for medical instruments

Application: The care set from DANmed makes your instruments shine again. With the help of the abrasive cloths, surgical instruments can be freed from rust and other deposits and the hinges can be lubricated with the accompanying oil pen.

Item no.: 6/2QB-SET

Product description:
Preparation and Care set for instruments
incl. DANmed Oil pen – 10 ml,
3x abrasive cloth, angle / surface brush

Set includes:

  • Storage box
  • DANmed oil pen with 7mm tip
  • Polishing block
  • Angle brush
  • Surface brush
  • 3x Micro Mesh abrasive cloth (7,5 x 11cm) in 3 different grits (2400, 4000, 12000)

PREPARATION SET for medical instruments

Application: The preparation set from DANmed offers a selection of different brushes and enables the daily cleaning of instruments and milling cutters. The appropriate brush can be used depending on the material and degree of soiling. The DANmed oil pen provides the necessary lubrication for the joints.

Item no.: 6/2Y-SET

Article description:
Instrument care set for reprocessing surgical instruments
8 pieces, stainless steel / brass / nylon brushes, DANmed Oil Pen

Set includes:

  • brush with stainless steel bristles
    (for heavy soiling)
  • brush with brass bristles
    (for heavy soiling)
  • brush with nylon bristles (autoclavable)
  • sliding brush with brass bristles
  • sliding brush with nylon bristles
  • brush with nylon bristles and cleaning rubber

Caution: Brass and stainless steel brushes can damage sensitive surfaces!