For a small repair with big impact:
Headless Screw, Phillips Screws and Slotted Cheese Head Screws

You have a repair, but not the right screw for it?
We manufacture screws on request according to drawing or sample.
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A selection of headless screws, cylinder head screws and slottet cheese head screws can be found here in our newsletter and of course also in our WEBSHOP.

Headless Screw, Pins

Item no. Size
551M1620 M1.6×2.0 DIN551
551M2016 M2.0x1.6 DIN551
553M1215 M1.2×1.5 DIN553
553M1415 M1.4×1.5 DIN553
553M1615 M1.6×1.5 DIN553
553M1620 M1.6×2.0 DIN553
553M1715 M1.7×1.5 DIN553
553M1717 M1.7×1.7 DIN553
553M1720 M1.7×2.0 DIN553
553M2015 M2.0x1.5 DIN553
553M2016 M2.0x1.6 DIN553
553M2017 M2.0x1.7 DIN553
553M2018 M2.0x1.8 DIN553

Slotted Cheese Head Screws

Item no. Size
965M14240 M1.4xØ3.0×2.4
965M20200 M2xØ3.0×2.0
965M20225 M2xØ3.0×2.25
965M20300 M2xØ3.0×3.0
965M20330 M2xØ3.0×3.3
965M20400 M2xØ3.0×4.0


Cylinder Head Screws

Item no. Size
84M20250 M2.0x25mm
84M25250 M2.5x25mm

Looking for the right SCREW?

Take a look at our WEBSHOP and you will find a large selection of CYLINDER SCREWS and COUNTERSUNKHEAD SCREWS.