usable for LAPAROSCOPY instruments

Laparoscopic surgery is a section of surgery in which operations may be performed without major incisions at the body.

Through few small incisions, laparoscopy instruments especially developed for laparoscopic surgery can be guided into the body through a channel (trocar sheaths) in order to operate with the help of real-time video optics. This operation method is also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

As the laparoscopy instruments used for that purpose are highly sensitive and mostly very delicate, they must be checked for their functionality in regular maintenance services and repaired if necessary.

This is where DANmed comes in. In our product range, you will find quite a number of different types of jaws you can use to repair defective laparoscopy instruments. You will receive them prefabricated in a jaw housing with the thread M3.5×0.25mm and pre-assembled with an inner rod.

See for yourself our large selection:

Article number: 1/10

Product description
Grasping Forceps Jaw d/a

Article number:  1/11B

Product description
Grasping Forceps serrated, short cup

Article number: 1/12AA

Product description
Grasp Forceps serr delph Jaws
with cup d/a

Article number: 1/14A

Product description
Grasp.Forceps blunt d/a

Article number: 1/15B

Product description
Biopsy Cup with thorn d/a
Forceps Jaw

Article number: 1/16

Product description
Bio Cup without thorn
Forceps Jaw

Article number: 1/19B

Product description
Grasping Forceps Allis
with 3 + 4 teeth

Article number: 1/21A

Product description
Grasping Forceps Maryland
jaws 13,5mm

Article number: 1/22A

Product description
Universal Grasping Forceps
like Jarit

Article number: 1/29

Product description
Grasping Forceps double action