with different inserts

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DANtools_6_2 ED_DANmed

Article number: 6/2ED

Product description:
Pliers, 160 mm, w. plastic-insert
for fragile surfaces

Article number: 6/2E

Product description:
Plier, 160 mm, with copper-insert
Handle: Red, for soft metals

Article number: 6/2EB

Product description:
Pliers, with copper-insert, Handle: Red
For unscrewing/removing components
E.g. Urology instruments, Albaran

Article number: 6/2EC

Product description:
Pliers, 160 mm, w. Brass-insert
Handle: Yellow
For soft to medium hard metals

Article number: 6/2EF

Product description:
Rund nose Pliers smooth, 130 mm
For medium hard to hard metals
Stainless steel, handle: Black

Article number: 6/2EG

Product description:
Clasp/wire bend Plier, 140 mm
Suitable for hard metals and bends
Stainless steel, Handle: Black