Hygiene product innovation:

In times of Covid-19, almost all industries are facing new hygiene requirements. In addition to airborne transmission, infections arise from surfaces due to to skin contact.

Unfortunately, a lot of cleaning products are not very reliable and also not sustainable. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our new ANTIVIRAL and ANTIBACTERIAL SEALING CLOTH:

The innovative surface sealing with the new hygiene sealing cloth, effectively protects surfaces against enveloped viruses and bacteria. After only one application, the surface is already protected for up to one year and that in just a few simple steps:

  1. Put on gloves
  2. Clean the desired surface and allow to dry. The cleaning cloth can be used (contains alcohol).
  3. Coat the surface with the sealing cloth
  4. Touch-proof after approx. 3 hours

Available only for: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Article number.: DAN-20-2805
Minimum order quantity: 2 pieces

Product description:
Antiviral Sealing Cloth
Protects surfaces permanently against
viruses and bacteria

Content/piece: 1x sealing cloth for at least 10 door handles or 10m handrail, 1x cleaning cloth, gloves

Areas of application:
Keyboards, telephone systems, switches of all kinds, control panels (e.g. elevators), door handles, sanitary equipment, handrails, medical equipment, tools, and many more.



  • High efficacy: Deactivation of 99% of all viruses and bacteria (MRSA)
  • Cost-effectiveness: Apply once and be protected for up to one year
  • Very easy to use
  • Cost reduction: Elimination of additional cleaning cycles and surface disinfectants
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable: Elimination of surface disinfection; no nanoparticles
  • Excellent skin compatibility: DERMATEST tested with .very good”.
  • Additional protection of sealed surfaces against wear and tear


  • Thin, transparent virucidal and bactericidal antimicrobial surface sealant
  • Pore tightness and surface tension prevent adhesion of enveloped viruses and bacteria
  • 99% of all adhering enveloped viruses and bacteria are deactivated after a short time
  • Permanent reduction of the risk of infection by 99 % on sealed surfaces
  • Self-disinfecting effect due to active biocidal substance (no silver ions, no nanoparticles)
  • Permanent, reliable hygiene protection for up to one year (approx. 700 cleaning cycles)
  • Clinical tests confirm effectiveness against corona, influenza and MRSA
  • Simple application and easy cleaning


Antimicrobial effect confirmed:

  • EUROVIR® Hygiene Laboratory test report for coronavirus.
  • Utility model certificate
  • Dermatological test with skin compatibility “VERY GOOD”
  • CHEMICAL CHECK safety data sheet
  • Excellent product quality “Made in Germany”